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‘Better Queensway’

video and peformance  to camera
modles 15 x 10 x 5  inches
Degree show work: 
Fine art critical practice, class of 2020

Ths work focus’ on the proposed demolition of the 
Queensway Estate, which are to be replaced by taller privately-owned flats. Connecting to the estate through my own experience and relationship 
to the space, from Greif to comfort. Layering imagery of one of my childhood 
bedroom’s lilac wallpaper from home that failed 
to create the refuge it promised provide. Connecting my own experiences of 
home insecurity to previous home space which now symbolizes this 
uncertainty in mass, in a hope to communicate the importance of a
safe home space.

The pending erasure othe estate makes way for private£500 million redevelopment scheme 
Better Queensway’. The council enlisting private housing associations to invest in 
redevelopment schemes is familiar reality for many high rise 
social housing estates that still stand in th UK. The work hopes to consider how within 
context of self-isolation how individuals are forced into period of 
self-reflection and how through this moment of 
re-processing and analyzing our lived experiences we can empathies with the institutional societal struggles which are being inflicted on the 
communities around us.