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Stop the Circus

Perfomance outside Grand Parade University of Brighton
3 minutes, performed  twice hourly during on the day of solidarity othe UCU picket lineThea Armfield Ella Preston, Jade Oliver, Mya Vella-Hall, Lotte Plews, Fran Scott-Sills
The performance consisted of five clown characters who enact entering a board meeting. A flow of money begins being passed between the clowns. The clowns begun to pugnaciously fight over money, their thirst never satisfied. The cash flow leads to a container branded with a question mark. Where is the money going? The clown closest to this, holding the most power, suspiciously places the money within the bin of disillusionment. The props contextualized the performance, insisting the relevance of questioning where the tuition fee money is going. After the university offering good will payments of just two hundred pounds following six weeks of industrial action, meaning many stuff not being paid their salary. The money read ‘hush money’ on one side and the other hosted information regarding the consumer rights act and comments from the university of Brighton student’s compensation petition.

Brighton UCU