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Brutal London

Models from left to right:  Alexandra Road, Balfron Tower,  Ledbury, Barbican, Aylesbury, Robinhood Gardens  and the Alton estates.
projecting footage from a Pennine flats stairwell , 5x6 stills of broken glass outside my previous address’ flat door

performance to camera
This work address’ the process’ of aestheticization, gentrification, privatization and demonization of brutalist social housing estates. By using the models from ‘Brutal London – construct your own capital’ by Zupagrafika we can decode the relationship between brutalist social housing and these process’. Each building holds a history of its own. From idealistic architecture and utopian dreams to derelict ‘decanted’ ruins they each held the same purpose in their construction. In this piece, I present interior imagery from inside a block and contrast it with the mass-produced modules taken from ‘Brutal London’ and consider a character to represent the responses these sites have experienced.
In response to: https://soundcloud.com/royalacademy/concrete-fetishes-the-ghost-of-brutalisms-radical-social-agenda